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Velvet again with her official colors!

itsamemeige Asked:
I'm really glad you drew Velvet's new outfit, because I really just could Not see it in the original rendition. I think you really gave it life and represented what little character traits we have seen from Velvet.

My answer:

Thank you very much for your kind words! 

Velvet’s new uniform has really grown on me.

wingys-workshop Asked:
wow your art tho! :D i really love your RWBY art~!

My answer:

Thank you very much! I hope to do more in the future. /v\

Quick queenie for Ayrra and because Yang.

Yang is my queen, yes, but Nora is my wife.

It just needed a pinch of asshole.


Another adopt up!! You can bid on it here This one is a collab between Emily and myself!! I came up with the initial design, she tweaked and drew the chibi and bust we both picked colors and Im going to be throwing in a fullbody extra for the winner!!

This auction will end on February 8th at 3PM GMT-6 !!

I drew this ayeeee

Working with settings.

Happy Birthday Ayrra from KungFu family!