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First few requests! Will continue tomorrow!

Surround yourself with only the finest of company.

It was open submissions for songs on Snake’s stream tonight.

RWBY girls ready for the dance!

Remember when that one anon came in and was like “Sailor RWBY though????”

cameraprince Asked:
wow!! i remember getting a bunch of commissions from you a few years ago, and i'm glad i was able to find your art blog!!! exciting to see new works from you!!!

My answer:

Thank you very much!

The queen has returned!

Some of the images got cut off since I was shoving them into little boxes so here are the bigger versions.

Jess and I drew our old pokemon OCs after finding the oldest pic we could of them to compare how they’ve change over the course of 3-4 years. Some changed more than others but it’s certainly interesting to compare them! Right click and open in a new tab to get a closer look.

A mock-up, silent, comic done for one of my classes from a couple months ago about some kids who snuck into a haunted house. The finished product was about twenty two pages and looks…pretty rough after cramming it in to two days.