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Anonymous Asked:
Hey i dont know if this already answer (phone pls)but what program and brushes do you use? thankshu c;

My answer:


The program I use is SAI and I tend to just stick with the default brush!

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Remember when that one anon came in and was like “Sailor RWBY though????”

cameraprince Asked:
wow!! i remember getting a bunch of commissions from you a few years ago, and i'm glad i was able to find your art blog!!! exciting to see new works from you!!!

My answer:

Thank you very much!

The queen has returned!

Some of the images got cut off since I was shoving them into little boxes so here are the bigger versions.

Jess and I drew our old pokemon OCs after finding the oldest pic we could of them to compare how they’ve change over the course of 3-4 years. Some changed more than others but it’s certainly interesting to compare them! Right click and open in a new tab to get a closer look.

A mock-up, silent, comic done for one of my classes from a couple months ago about some kids who snuck into a haunted house. The finished product was about twenty two pages and looks…pretty rough after cramming it in to two days. 

Just a bunch of unfinished projects. Click the picture for a descriptive caption!

Look at what you’ve done, friend.


Also last one for tonight, phew!